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Packing is a task that should never be underestimated. As both packers and movers at Easyshipping we understand how these two skills go hand in hand and, why doing both well is vital if a customer’s valued possessions are to be kept in one piece!

  • Dismantling and Assembling Service
  • Full Packing Service
  • Fragile Packing Service
  • Unpacking Service

At Easyshipping our crews carry out ongoing professional training to ensure their packing skills are maintained, to learn any new techniques, use new materials and, practice the secure wrapping and packing of contemporary consumer possessions: ten years ago we rarely encountered electric bicycles, airfryers or water-filled rowing machines!

The Professionals Moving Specialists offer a top-notch packing service designed to alleviate the stress of moving. Our expertly trained team dedicates the necessary time to carefully pack your fragile and valuable items, ensuring they are properly secured before being loaded onto the moving truck.

As we are first and foremost a moving and packing company, understanding how to keep your precious belongings safe is our priority. And we admit we do take pride in offering what is now an industry recognised award-winning service. 

The Right Skills &
The Right Materials

Our packing crews’ knowledge and skills are second to none. When they come to pack your possessions, our trained professionals will use eco-friendly, robust and specialist materials to ensure that each and every item is properly wrapped, packed, stored and transported safely to your new premises.

We use a full range of packing materials, as different items require different handling. The cost of this task will be included in your quotation. There are no hidden extras at Easyshipping, but if you’d rather pack some or all of your possessions yourself you can buy the required materials from our company.

Please note: All of our boxes are made from recyclable cardboard.

Packer of the Year

Packing teams from Easy Shipping have won the Packer of the Year contest at the Movers & Storers show for five consecutive years, including most recently in November 2023. The judges, themselves from other BAR removal companies and removals trainers, found no issues with any of the packing tasks our teams completed.

packer of the year award for easy shipping

Full Packing Service

You can save yourself the hassle of packing and let Easyshipping look after it for you with our ‘Full Packing Service’, where we will pack all of your household belongings, from books and kitchen cutlery, through to clothes, pictures, garden and sporting equipment and everything else besides! Because of our years of packing experience and training what might take you a whole day to do will likely take us just one third of the time and everything will be much safer in transit.

Fragile Packing Service

If you have the time, and to save cost you would rather pack your non-fragile items such as clothes and books yourself, we can just take care of the delicate pieces with our ‘Fragile Packing Service’. Our team will professionally pack your glass, china and any other breakables. Just let your moving consultant know to quote for the service you want. 

Unpacking Service

Yes, we can also unpack all of your items once you have moved in, so you can relax after a long day of moving! Our team can handle all of the heavy lifting and will unpack your items into the appropriate rooms which you can then sort out later at your own convenience. We will also come and collect our packing boxes and materials once the unpacking is complete, to recycle or where possible, use again.

Why Choose Us?

  • 20 Years of Experience


    We accommodate your schedule and make extra efforts for hassle free moving.

  • One Stop Solution


    We have fleets of all ranges along with hoist and crane services.

  • Award Winning Company


    Winner of "Packer of the Year" award for the 5 consecutive time.

Top-notch services that redefine your moving experience

At Easyshipping, we believe in setting the bar high, and our commitment to providing the best services consistently results in wonderful reviews from our happy clients. Experience the difference with Easyshipping, where your move is our priority.

“ This is the second time I have used Easy Shipping.. Their attention to detail on the packing is something to behold, it is a good job all the boxes and paper they are using is recycled because there is lots of it. The move we have just made is temporary, in six months or so when we move back I will not be looking any further than Easy Shipping. ”

Patrick O'Connor

“ The gents who packed and moved our house contents did a fantastic job. They unpacked everything very well too. They were super efficient, polite and friendly and we were extremely pleased. ”

Ginnie Kennedy

“ Based on recommendation, I used Easy Shipping for my move end of December 2023. I had a great experience. They were really friendly, greatly reactive, on time and very professional. They managed my move with professionalism and good care. Thank you. ”

Steve Carrier-Simon

“ I used Easy Shipping Removals to move a house load of goods from Sevenoaks to Cobham Surrey. We thought it takes at least 2 loads and take at least 6 hours. I could not believe how professional they were. They were quicker than I expected and job done in 4 and half hours. ”

Lionel Bandara

“ We recently had the pleasure of utilizing Easy Shipping Ltd for our relocation needs, and I must express my utmost satisfaction with their exceptional service. From start to finish, the experience was nothing short of excellent. ”

Ashwini Anchan

“ Outstanding work that Sathiya and the team has recently delivered. Very professionalism, dedication, and attention to detail have truly made a significant impact on our Office move from London to Malta. From the initial stages to the final execution, it has been evident that your company is committed to excellence. Highly recommend their services. ”

Wesley Smook

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