We make moving your business Easy

For nearly two decades Easy Shipping have been on hand to ensure companies and institutions have business as usual when having to relocate.

From crate hire to moving serviced offices, to providing a bespoke relocation just for you, often working out of hours, Easy Shipping ensure your IT and business is up and running.

It is our business to move your business and put you where you need to be

We prefer to invest in our staff and transport rather than have a glossy brochure, putting our funds where it is important to be able to deliver our promise. This approach enables us to be competitive in this market and to concentrate and deliver the client’s expectations.

Easy Shipping has a network to provide around the clock commercial services to all types and size of business. From hospitals to libraries, offices to schools, warehouses and beyond….

In addition, we offer an aftercare service for our commercial clients which involves a vehicle and staff on site at your new premises to make any adjustments should you need changes to be made and to aid with any unpacking and clearing of crates.

We don’t stop at the delivery… we are on hand to provide other services which you will find throughout our website.